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Monday, April 02, 2007


I have been doing a lot of it lately. The messy sneezes where you have to wash your hands and your keyboard/steering wheel/handlebars/clean dishes you just washed. O.K. that last one's hypothetical, I last did dishes on Saturday morning pre-sneezing attacks, but you get the idea.

Ooooh I just came up with a new good excuse not to do dishes!!

Anyway, so yeah, I am kinda sick and it's annoying. I should be going to sleep right now but as usual, 9:30 hit and I was suddenly wide awake. Frustrating.

Another frustrating thing is that I have really wanted to post photos but all my picture attempts have been crap lately. So I am really sorry about all this boring text with no imagery diversion, but be grateful for my quality standards.

In other random news:

-I won my first-ever NRC prime yesterday in Ojai

-Current favourite post from new favourite website

-I realized today that there is another middle-of-the-road hazard that is possibly even more dangerous than the cart-toting bum. It's the high-heeled-lady-jaywalking-on-cell-with-head-looking-opposite-way-of-oncoming-traffic, who seems to think that a revealing outfit is a more effective vehicle-stopper than a traffic light. I encountered like 3 today in one five-block stretch of Sansome Street. Didn't physically encounter them mind you, I resisted the urge...

-I hope Tom Boonen wins Paris Roubaix. I like him. Kim Anderson is my other favourite but she is not on the start list for some strange reason (joke).

-Speaking of jokes, whoever does the Toyota-United photo page seems to have an interesting sense of humour... In the Ojai photo captions, there is a reference to a move that was "broke back with three laps remaining." Ha! Brokeback references are so 2006! Then, in the photos from the Central Valley Classic road race, there is a shot of poor Henk looking miserable, and the caption says he is "still riding himself into shape." I am such a nerd. Words crack me up. After Visalia, the local newspaper called Dominguez the "Cuban Defector." I guess no one told them it was "Cuban Missile." I found it hilarious.

O.K., kids, you are in luck, I am tired and therefore bringing this collection of mediocrity to a close...

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