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Friday, May 18, 2007

Sickage Update

So, the terrible bug that beset me earlier in the week is officially ousted! I am back to my busy I-can't-keep-up-with-my-life self!

Activities of the past day and a half included but were not limited to:

  • washed and sold Ultegra gruppo
  • gossipped with my mom about my little sister's latest crafty plot to go back to Bogota because "six weeks just isn't enough time to spend in Colorado with her aunt and uncle and cousins, it just wouldn't be fair to them to spend so little time, so that is a much better idea for next summer instead..." the little brat is cracking me up!
  • cleaned apartment
  • laundry
  • back to work!
  • last-minute planned a 30th birthday for tonight (not mine! we have a year and 4 months to get ready for that one)
  • made salad and salad dressing and cd's for my friend who is leaving for BOSTON for the summer, I still remember reading about the Boston heat wave in the summer of 1988 when people were dying in the 100 degree nastiness
  • cleaned apartment some more (btw does anyone need any stuff? I have a lot to spare so if you need any just let me know)
  • cleaned out closets whilst singing and dancing to eminem
  • got a massage
  • got teased by JD during massage, big shocker there
  • corresponded with potential buyer of my mountain bike (cross your fingers for me)
  • weighed pros and cons of selling last year's TIME bike with cosmic SL wheelset
  • continued to tease Lisa about my budding running career
  • dug through the trash for all the ten billion recyclable items that everyone insists on putting in there, including newspapers, which don't even require rinsing like food packaging so honestly what is the holdup with putting them in the recyling?!

And other boring and not-so-boring typicalities.

So, it is up to you whether you deem this as good or bad news, but I think I am back to normal!

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Blogger Gilby said...

What, no excerpts from the massage conversation? Those are my favorite posts of yours!

1:28 PM  
Blogger Courtenay said...

o.k., i put one up there...
there was a really funny exchange that i am debating whether to post. hmm.
but anyway i am glad you enjoy the massage posts! thank you!

7:16 PM  

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