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Friday, April 13, 2007

Goof Part 2

Here I am being a moron in front of a camera again:

The good news is Smartts seems to have joined me in moron-photo-land!

Anyway, yesterday was Team Photo Day in the Marin Headlands. I was amazed that it came together - everyone made it there on time, no one forgot their helmets or bikes or clothes (although apparently we did have some requests to do a nude photo shoot)(boys. typical.), everyone remembered their lip gloss, and the sun came out.

Afterwards we went to Sushi in the city, to a place I have been many times and always liked but NO MORE. Godzila was TERRIBLE to us last night! I am sure my outfit didn't help, I was freezing after the shoot so I kept my longsleeve on and so did Taitt, whereas all the other customers in there were in their perfumed $500-jeans Pac Heights finery, but still it was totally lame. We occuppied one of the 5 tables in the whole place for over an hour with no food, shoulders slumped over the table in full I'm a Starving Athlete Who Needs to Eat Constantly mode, waiting for our dinner, drooling as plate after plate of sushi got delivered to not-our-table, but instead to tables that ordered WAY AFTER we did... anyway it was awful.

And to top it all off we all somehow under-ordered, so when we finally got our food and inhaled it in 4 minutes and thirty seconds (including all the pickled ginger flakes and random rice kernels), we were of course still hungry. Not sure what everyone else did but I was on my couch eating a spinach salad with tofu and mushrooms at 9:45 p.m. I ran out of Ben & Jerry's.

But hey, we saved about $15 total because we left a zero-dollar tip. Don't mess with a former waitress, I know that it's not that hard to smile or to provide customer service.

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