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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Old Old Old

OK, time to move all the tech phone stuff down and get back to making fun of how retarded I am...

Does anyone happen to randomly have a VAC windvest that is not theirs that is a size small and that has the initals CB in the tag?

I lost mine over the weekend somehow.

I am hoping it is the same sort of thing as when I lost my debit card at CVC back in March and then last week found it in my wallet in this weird little random pocket, the existence of which I was previously unaware.

Or that it's the same sort of thing as my Special Place filing/organizing system - put everything into a special place and you will eventually find it. For example, Special Place for car keys is in the key hole that opens the trunk. Special place for dirty laundry is the floor. But I have no recollection of what the Special Place for my vest is (I checked the floor already, and the car, and the whole apartment).

I am only 28 yet my memory seems to be gone. Sharon says it's a sign that I have too much going on, but I am taking some anti-aging precautions just in case. I bought the April issue of Allure Magazine the other day, and on my way to work today I did the little memory test in the magazine and then I went to Walgreens and bought all these anti-aging-cream-renewal products they recommended, plus a couple of lipsticks and a hair thing. But of course, since I am getting old and forgetful, I forgot a couple items and I have to go BACK to Walgreens on my way home...

Anyway I got this ROC night cream that's "proven" to reduce lines and wrinkles. So, expect another Professional Extensive Product Review in the near future. Provided that I remember to actually use the stuff every night.

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Blogger Allison said...

take it from a newly 35 year old--aging is fun--a thing to be embrased, not embarassed by. Ditch the wrinkle creams---though I do love nice skin care products. . .I like to think my focus is on self-nurturing rather than living-up-to-the-materialistic-cultural-expectations-ing.


3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay...if you're using ROC cream, then I need to get a face lift, a walker and hearing aids.

emailing from the old folks home in Fairfax...L.H.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous An Aunt said...

O dear. You're related to your relatives. One found her glasses in the freezer. Another finds credit cards that expired years ago between books on a dusty shelf, money in the pockets of clothes unworn for two years, and keys to places moved out of seven years ago in jewelry boxes.

Special places my we know what.

8:58 AM  

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