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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Professional Extensive Product Review of Sony Ericsson w810i

So, the new phone is actually pretty cool.

Interface is good. Text messaging is WAY easier than on previous device, where I had to hit 5 buttons to get it to type in lower case. Datebook and alarm settings are good too (it even has snooze! what luxury!), the ringtone sounds great, and it came with a nice set of headphones. AND the camera is easy to use with cycling gloves on and takes very decent photos!

My complaint: all this Sony Walkman music application business is not compatible with my laptop since it's a (gasp) Mac. Not that I need the music features, but it would be nice to have the option. Oh well.

P.S. ADDED BONUS: I can hear what people are saying! AND they can hear me! How exciting! Now I just have to make sure that, going forward, we are travelling to races in areas that actually have cell coverage...

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