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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New New New

My ROC anti-aging night cream must be working already...

I have a newly tweaked bike fit and some new pieces of equipment which should oh-so-hopefully eliminate the cramping problems I have had at every road race so far this year! I am also feeling like a spring chicken thanks to new developments regarding verboten blog topics (anything big and important, e.g. work, future plans that are as yet up in the air, the nitty-gritty of my Supa Happenin' Social Life, basically anything that is not a race report, a play-by-play account of the mundane, or a conversation of some sort!).

And, best of all, I got a new haircut! Whilst coaxing my hair into Sunday's 'do (which I purposely did not document digitally) I realized that it hadn't been cut in a year and was in need of serious choppage courtesy of Onika at On Mars, on Fillmore St. Today was the day. Of course I wore my glasses today, not my contacts, and you have to take your glasses off when they cut your hair, so all I really knew during the whole process was that she wasn't giving me a buzzcut. Everything else was a mystery. I sat in what felt like total blindness for an hour, very aware that a. I am blind, b. all I ever really talk about is bike racing and bike racers , c. it's kinda hard to talk about bike racing with probably 99% of all hairdressers, including Onika, so d. this is another reason why it's a really good thing I re-signed-up for Netflix last month because at least I am somewhat proficient in pop-culture-talk!

Anyway I put my glasses back on after she was finished and was so pleased! She did a great job! No more pyramid-hair! I felt totally guilty that I had to put my helmet on top of my freshly styled head, so here's a snapshot of me pre-helmet, sorry it's zoomed in so much but you kinda get the idea:

I wonder: if it were actually 1997, not 2007, would my haircut be called The Rachel? But I don't really want to know...

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Blogger Allison said...

Wow Court!! What a beautiful face you have!! I go through the same blind-vulnerability when I get my hair cut--it's a bit nerve wracking to put the glasses back on and see what you got. You look great. . and btw, a 28 year old IS a spring chicken!

5:25 AM  
Blogger trac said...

What a dreamboat! (pulls cycling shorts down closer to knees)

10:26 AM  

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