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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No-legged Friend on the Mountain

Today, I am pedaling up hill for forever singing along to something on my ipod.

I see a wiggling stick in the road.

"OOO," I think, "a GARTER SNAKE needs to be RESCUED from certain squishing-by-a-car!!"

Then I get a little closer.

Mr. Garter Snake has teeth, which he shows me. Mr. Garter Snake has spots not stripes. Mr. Garter Snake has a wide head. Mr. Garter Snake is kind of fat. And, oh my, Mr. Garter Snake has a bizarre sort of tail.

Mr. Garter Snake is no garter snake, he is a rattler.

I ask him to pretty please not go anywhere while I get my phone out for documentation purposes. He obliges, sticks his tongue out, then wiggles off. And I spend the next three hours thinking every crack, every stick, every thin shadow in the road is a snake...

How exciting! My first ever wild rattlesnake sighting!

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Blogger Allison said...

Very cool snake encounter. Totally beats the dead baby fox I saw a couple of days ago. But mine was definately cuter! Maine has no poisonous snakes--though we do have the Northern Water snake, which makes you bleed a LOT if it bites!

5:25 AM  
Blogger T. Marie said...

'tis the season.

I got stung by a bee the size of a small child on my way down southgate yesterday.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Courtenay said...

dear tina marie:
i thought you said you were going to do suffer intervals on pinehurst?! way to fabricate a story in order to avoid me and my be-a-receptionist talk.
-c. livid

9:38 AM  
Blogger s.on said...

nice rubber snake! where'd you get that thing?

9:48 AM  
Blogger Steven Woo said...

Neat. Saw my first tarantula (racing and beating me to the top...) and first California bobcat on Diablo.

Almost rode over a rattlesnake at Panoche Pass this weekend, the guy next to me freaked out because I was so close to the snake while it was sunning itself on the shoulder.

3:30 PM  

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