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Monday, April 30, 2007

Athens! And Roswell!

I called the Athens Twilight Criterium a paradise for bike racers in a blog post a couple of months ago.

Well. It totally is - and as a matter of fact, the Nalley Roswell Criterium on the following day is pretty darn cool, too. Taitt and I had a great time! Here are some highlights:

-actually this is sort of a lowlight, funny now but not at the time: somehow 4 people at the Athens reg booth, 3 of whom had laptops, checked in racers one at a time, making sure to spend at LEAST 5 minutes per racer. Thus the reg line was enormous, and thus we got a 15 minute warmup! But it seemed to work for me so from now on, 15 minute warmup max ;)

-back to the highlights: I set out to be a Prime Machine at Athens. Technically I think that title should go to Kat Carroll who won a million primes and the race itself, but anyway I would say I came in second place in the unofficial Prime Machine competition, I won two primes! At Athens! It took a lot of restraint not to fist-pump after each of them...

-speaking of Kat, her call-up on Sunday was kind of funny: "and now, Kat Carroll, the winner of last night's Athens Criterium, a once-in-a-lifetime experience!" Funny because Kat is 26, she's incredibly talented, and surely that was not a one-off occurrence! It was her first NRC win, though, which was really cool.

-after lots of scientific taste testing, we determined that the Dreyers Slow Churned Ice Cream Bars are way better than the Breyers ones.

-an anonymous friend who is from Georgia and is on the Arete team nearly got arrested after his race for accepting an open beer from a fan as he crossed the finish line. Fortunately it was his "lucky night", he got off with just a ticket (memo field said "16 oz. Pabst Blue Ribbon"). Ha!

And now it's photo time. BTW sorry if this post is lame, and I won't bore you with my weekend sleep-statistics-excuse...

Anyway here I am after the twilight race with one of the many bulldogs standing on the streets of Athens, home of the University of Georgia Bulldogs. This one is the Downtown Dog.

No rest for the weary... on our way home from the airport today, we popped into San Francisco, found some random alley, and hauled all our stuff out of Dan's car so we could really quick put Taitt's bike together so she could go to work. I meanwhile came home and frittered away the day in refreshingly slackard ways... Anyway here's Taitt on her awesome commuter bike, equipped with an SRM and everything!

And finally, in case you forgot, the South is Bible Land:

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Blogger ~Vet said...

Your posts are never lame. I always enjoy reading them :)

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear Prime Machine,

poTaitto went to work??? doesn't she know how to call in sick?

... a skinny french fry, not a big baked potato full of butter and sour cream... mmm, actually that sounds kinda good.

9:37 AM  
Blogger Courtenay said...

dear ruby tuesday-
i did coach her on how to talk to her boss on the phone...
1. talk very quietly to emphasize your low energy level that is not worth paying for "work" done today since you are too tired to do good work
2. don't ask questions. rather than saying "do you still need me to come in" you say in a teeny teeny voice "i am calling to confirm that i can't come in cause i have to go home and catch up on my blogging and sleeping"
but it didn't work
so we pulled a presto-changeo in the alleyway and i got to sit in the front seat the rest of the way home!!

9:50 AM  

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